Not To Be Missed, These Benefits Of Writing A Pregnancy Diary For Health

Pregnancy is a precious and unforgettable moment. Making a pregnancy diary is one thing you can do to capture those beautiful moments. In addition, pregnancy diary has various health benefits. Pregnancy diaries usually contain any physical changes or things felt by the mother during pregnancy. For example, when you first feel the fetal kick in the womb, when Mother and Father are determining the choice of the baby's name, or other important moments such as when he first heard his heartbeat. Mother can also attach the physical development of the Little One in the womb from the results of ultrasound, in the pregnancy diary. Benefits of Pregnancy Diary for Health Besides being useful as documentation during pregnancy, it turns out that the pregnancy diary also has health benefits. Some of them are: Reducing stress levels It is not uncommon for pregnant women to experience stress. This is reasonable because there are many changes and adjustments that must be experienced by
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